Asparagus is consumed because of its exceptional taste and medicinal properties for nearly 2000 years now. It comes from the Eastern Mediterranean region. Different varieties are found in North and South Africa, also cultivated in Egypt. Asparagus grows as a weed in southern Russia and Poland, as well as along the coast of England.

Asparagus was rediscovered and popularized again in the 18th century by Louis XIV. With its unconventional taste impressed the Sun King. That is why asparagus received the name “royal vegetable”, and even today impressrd connoisseurs of exquisite taste.

Today, asparagus is grown in parts of the world with temperate and subtropical climates. Commercially. It is grown in the United States, Mexico, Peru, France, Spain and some Mediterranean countries.

Asparagus is a perennial garden plant belonging to the family of lilies. Asparagus shoots are fleshy, ending with nodular heads. They are considered a luxury vegetable, because of their succulent taste and tender texture. Asparagus is harvested in the spring when it is 6 to 8 inches high.